First Visit Consultation

What To Expect On Your Initial Visit

  • Early detection will always be the best defence for anyone experiencing hair loss or scalp disorders. A microscopic examination and a biochemical assessment may be required to aid in the evaluation of the problem.
  • One of the leading causes of hair loss is due to medications, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonal imbalances. Genetic factors also play a critical role. An in-depth consultation about your body systems, deficiencies, excesses or referral to a doctor if further medical evaluation is required.
  • Our Consultant Trichologist will discuss a recommended program to help balance the body. The causes of hair loss, weight loss programs, nutrient deficiencies and high animal fat intake (fast food, processed food, packaged foods) that increase testosterone levels which in turn increase DHT levels may be discussed.
  • The saliva and urine test shows how healthy the body is functioning, it will also determine if you are absorbing the nutrients from the foods you eat, and if you are getting the full vitamin/mineral content from your supplement regime. This test also shows how well the lymphatic system and the body’s tissues are performing at that moment. Both tests will determine the pH of the body to see if it is either acidic or alkaline.
  • The urine test will determine the kidney’s ability to buffer the acidity or the alkalinity of the foods you eat. The urine can range from 5.0 (very acidic) to 8.5 (very alkaline) throughout the day, your pH should be between 6.2-6.8. many factors affect our pH levels, stress, medications, alcohol, smoking, foods and lifestyle patterns.
  • An assessment designed to identify if your food choices, job/career, family issues are a contributing factor to your hair loss. Once determined, a plan of action that includes nutritional supplements specifically for your body preferences, a new way to think about food choices, and a caring support system to encourage you through the process will be suggested.
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