Joycelyn John I.A.T WTS GNWC AMAE

Qualified Consultant Trichologist. Glyconutritional Wellness Consultant. Cell Therapy Consultant, Legal Expert Witness

 In 2001, I discovered an interest in Trichology after opening my Salon "PLAZMA KUTZ" and during client consultations, came across many problems of which I was able to give correct advice, however was unable to treat or prescribe direct treatments.

I am a medically trained trichologist with a hair cosmetology background and a comprehensive understanding of problems and concerns relating to all hair types, specialising in hair and scalp related disorders, concerns and general hair maintenance.

I graduated with the International Association of Trichologists (IAT) which administers the trichology course developed at the University of Southern California in 1974. 

I undertook micropsy studies at the University of Oxford in 2009 which covered a wide area of the subject matters consisting of all hair types, density, porisity and all hair related disorders.

I specialise in advising and treating both cosmetic and medical hair problems in men, women and children. I have seen a wide range of problems from traction hair loss, hair breakage and chemical damage to medical conditions such as cicatricial alopecia, psychological hair pulling, inflammatory conditions and scalp infections.

I undertook continuous medical education (CME) in clinical glycobiology, which consisted of various topics on essential glyconutrients and various related autoimmune disorders.  

I studied glyconutrients benefits in brain structure and cognitive function which consisted of all aspects of brain and cognitive related disorders, with LongevityEd (Professional Education Group) of the new frontier in integrated medicine. Completed in June 2014.

I am qualified as a metabolic rate specialist with comprehensive knowledge of weight loss, control and maintenance of individual dietary programmes, working with Diet specialist.

I am confident I can provide a professional service to all of my patients as I have built up a credibility work-life balance relationship throughout my professional life.

I have gained credibility and professional working relationships with health care practitioners, hospitals, health and wellness, support groups and salons throughout the UK and abroad. I work closely with them to ensure their patients and clients hair problems or concerns are treated and maintained by a professional trichologist at all times with precise solutions.

During my time with Plazma Kutz, I have been awarded the title of "salon of the month" with Black Hair and Beauty Magazine in 2004 and won the contract for the beauty contest "Miss British Isles" in Mayfair London. I hosted many successful fashion and hair shows in and around Berkshire and London, including Diabetes awareness evening at Stoke Park Hotel, Stoke Poges, Berkshire which was well attended by celebrities, actors and actresses alike to share their personal concerns and experiences.

My projects were always supported and has continued to be supported by celebrities, actors, musicians, local government officials and the local community.

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