Prescribed Treatment Guide

Scalp Ointments.

  • 5% Salicylic Acid / 5% Sulphur in an Aqueous Cream - Light to heavy scale, SebDerm/Eczema P. Capitis. P.Steatoides
  • A. L. Ointment — Cade Oil , Allantoin, ADBAC, - Dry Scalp, P. Amiantacea, Psoriasis. Any of the above that are resistant to 5% Sali/Sulph
  • M.S.F. Hair Loss of any kind, from diffuse to the alopecias. Contains Menthol and Estradolium
  • Oil of Cade Extra — has an anti-mitotic effect - Ideal for any heavy scale conditions.

200 ml retail size £17.75

  Speciality Ointments

  • U 10. - For all dry conditions without lesions. Powerful Rehydrating Cream that can be used for conditions up to the severity of Ichthyosis. Nb ; Do not use if there are any open lesions no matter how small.
  • M.H.M. - Intense Moisturising Ointment - Ideal for all dry conditions, skin or scalp that prove resistant to other treatments. Use as a home treatment. This is a pleasant aesthetic cream with good moisturizing qualities.

200 ml retail £29.50

  Scalp Stimulant Cream

  • Hormone based treatment for M.P.A/ F.P.A. Also contains stimulants, moisturisers etc.

200 ml £29.50.


  • O.P. Lotion - Anti-irritant and anti-dandruff. Do not use on open lesions.
  • P I Lotion. - Antiseptic-anti-irritant -anti-dandruff -Use if there are open lesions. When lesions are healed you may change to no 1 or 4 if necessary.
  • M.N Lotion - Stimulant for hair loss conditions
  • U.10 Lotion - (Urea) For dry scalps without lesions

100 ml spray top bottle for retail. £39.95

 Speciality Lotions for treatment of hair loss
in men and women.

Menthogen Scalp Stimulant

  • prolonged usage lotion for hair loss. Contains low level Phytoestrogens, Stimulants, Amino Acids and anti irritants.
  • Hairsense — Similar to Menthogen with added anti-bacterial and anti fungal

100m 1 units at £58.95


Estradex Lotion

  • potent hair loss stabilizer. contains Minoxidil, glycerol,estradolium, phyto-oestrogens, azaleic acid compound, caffeine, saw palmetto, methyl nicotinate, piroctone olamine

2% Estradex —60m1 bottle with pipette £70.00 (1 Month Supply)

2% Estradex —60m1 bottle with pipette £165.00 (3 Month Supply)

5% Estradex - 60m1 bottle with pipette £70.00 (1 Month Supply)

5% Estradex —60m1 bottle with pipette £165.00 (3 Month Supply)


5% Minoxidil/Azaleic 1 x Litre 60m1 bottle with pipette £52.00

 Oestradiol, Methyl Nicotinate Drops

  • Hair loss blocking agent. Is not systemic so will not cause any absorption problems. For prolonged use.

60m1 dropper bottles at £52.00

 Phyto-oestrogens Hops, Clover, Nettle Extracts, Campho

60 ml dropper bottle £35.00

Hairsense Scalp Stimulant

100m 1 Spray bottle £45.00


DHT Inhibitors tablets

  • contain Saw Palmetto Extract 320 mg, Nettle Root Extract 72mg L-Arginine 100 mg
    (6 weeks supply) Retail £35.00

 Micronutrition Tablets

(60's) £26.00

Plant Sterols

  • (immune modulators)


L-Tyrosine amino acid


Follicle Prescription Supplements



Scalp Treatment Shampoo.

Ultra mild base containing Piroctone Olamine

Ultra Mild shampoo

contains herbal extracts of Sage- Rosemary-. Does not have any added colour, preservative or fragrance. Ideal shampoo because of its low irritancy value. Good for childrens hair.

Stimulant shampoo

Contains Menthol and Peppermint which prepare the scalp to improve absorption of lotions such as menthogen and minoxidil

These shampoos are £22.00 per 200ml

 Itchy, Flakey Scalp Shampoo

contains Piroctone Olamine, Zinc Pirithione, Menthol.

£22.00 per 200 ml


 A non-detergent scalp cleanser. Used as a second rinse in the clinic and retail

£18.00 per 200 ml bottle.

 Juniper Tar shampoo  

£22.00 per 200 ml bottle.



Ideal all-purpose conditioner.



Coconut Intensive

For extreme dry hair conditions (perming etc)

£42.00 per kilo / £15.00 for 200 gm tub


Oil Free Conditioner

£15.95 per 200 ml bottle


Please note: Terms are payment with order. P & P according to weight of parcel.


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