Case Study

  • Diagnosis:

    Pruritus (itching)/ Pityriasis ( denotes scaling of skin) along with Psoriasis (scaly problem) and Telogen effluvium ( diffuse hair loss) throughout the scalp, due to hormonal imbalance, medication, emotional stress which affects the sympathetic nervous system, free radicals, or systemic factors.

I went to Boots opticians and after trying on their glasses and sight test I noticed the back of both of my ears were irritating me. I started to constantly itch my ears, I could not stand the irritation anymore so I went to my GP, who gave me various creams and antibiotics that did not work, my scalp became itchy ,inflamed was so flaky. I went to various appointments with the GP and nothing worked. My scalp was so flaky, there were big scabby flakes, I was constantly scratching at during my working day.

Dr Patel referred me to the dermatologist department at Kings College Hospital, the Consultant gave me Tar shampoo Capasal therapeutic shampoo/ Doro gel. I did not use the tar as it was smelly for my liking.

In June 2017 was my first appointment with Joycelyn. Joycelyn did an assessment on my sore and scabby flaky scalp and instantly knew how to treat it. The very first MSF treatment worked wonders. I could feel that my scalp had been exfoliated after Joycelyn had to brush out the large scabby flaky flakes from my scalp. The pain was unbearable and after the first MSF treatment I could feel the difference in my scalp, I decided to go with the program that Joycelyn recommended and stuck with it regularly to get immediate results. I was generally disappointed with the Dermatologist because he did not actually treat my scalp like Joycelyn.

I have been back to the GP Dr Patel to show him my scalp, how Joycelyn has fixed my scalp.

I have been encouraged by Joycelyn that my scalp would turn back to normal and indeed that is the case. My husband and son are happy that Joycelyn has fixed my scalp. I got my scalp back to normal. I followed the instructions   Joycelyn gave me to the letter. I bought my sister and dad and a friend for a consultation as I am so happy and delighted with the results.

My husband was initially sceptical about the amount of money I was spending to fix my scalp but when he saw the immediate results, how the treatment was working and my scalp and my scalp was not flaking he advised me to stick with Joycelyn. Thanks to Sherry Ann Dixon for referring me to Hair Health & Vitality Clinic. Joycelyn is to be highly recommended.

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