After years of wearing hair extensions I was experiencing severe hair loss along my hair-line and scalp area. Within the first 3 to 4 months of using the treatment I have been really happy with the results so far - thank you!
Mrs S, Late 40s

I want this say this hair treatment really works! just one treatment and my hair is visibly thicker. I did the second treatment on saturday, I can not imagine what will happen in a few months. But I will tell a lot of people about this, well done!!
Pastor Josephine

The problem I needed to resolve was to prevent hair loss. I met Joycelyn and she advised me she specialises in trichology (hair loss specialist) by coincidence. She diagnosed me with telogen effluvium which is stress caused to the hair roots to be pushed prematurely into a resting state. My scalp became very sensitive also and using permanent hair colour also caused damage.

She advised me of the products I needed for treating the scalp like scalp treatment shampoos and moisturisers for scalp and methogen spray and hair growth oil. I understood it as cleansing toning and moisturing the scalp just like looking after your skin. I had to maintain this myself and she would treat me with every 2 weeks with high frequency treatment and also infrared treatment. She also coloured my hair with semi permanent colour. Now my roots do not need doing that often.

I Started to see results after a week. The maintenance seemed complicated but after a couple of days the maintenance programme became easier.

Joycelyn is very knowledgeable and goes the extra mile in helping you and making your treatment more successful. I would recommend jocelyn to anyone with hair loss. I can't thank her enough because my hair looks so much better. It's not falling out like it use too.

My hair feels a lot stronger and healthier and with taking supplements helped with the programme. I will continue the programme for another 3 months and after that I will still visit but I can maintain myself.

Thank you Joycelyn. I met you just at the right time as I started to really worry about my hair loss and really didn't know what to do.


I was recommended to Joycelyn (Trichologist) by my hairdresser in June. My hairdresser was aware of how concerned and consciousness I was with the loose gaps at the front and sides of my hair. I have tried several over the counter products and the Laser programme of which was advised to increased and reduce hair loss of course no progress was made. I started to use Toppik hair fibres for coverage especially when going to function but still not comfortable with my hair.

I decided to take up a consultation with Joycelyn with a little doubtful and unsure nature (not of her) but of regaining my hair. After the thorough consultation which took over an hour I was confident as she understood the my concerns and diagnosed my complaint correctly of which I did not have before.

I signed the consultation agreement and stated the treatment programme for a one year period.

I visit the clinic every 10 days for in house hands on treatment by herself and full hair health evaluation to avoid any pitfalls. I have to administer and manage my treatment in between clinic visits of which is a mirror image.

I am extremely happy with the progress my hair has made in such a short time frame. The texture,growth and condition of my hair is like rebirth. (GOODBYE to TOPPIK FIBRES)

I can truly recommend Joycelyn’s services to anyone who has hairloss or hair related concerns. She is highly knowledgeable in her subject and most of all she is honest, reliable and provides and runs a profession clinic with love and empathy. She always reminds me our genetics and bio-chemistry are all different her motto is: (HELPING YOU TO UNDERSTAND YOU)

Joycelyn I just would like to say to you I truly believe you are meant to be there for this type of profession and clinical service along with your nutritional knowledge and life skills you have it under one roof I always look forward to my clinic visits.

To anyone reading my experience please do not hesitate or delay take action, contact the CLINIC you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Hair Health & Vitality Clinic XX

M Padda

I first visited Joycelyn for itchy scalp and hair breakage issues. She initially took a through personal and medical history and looked at my hair to give me a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Since signing up for the treatment plan my itchy scalp has been about 80% improved and I have noticed my hair is not breaking as much.

Although I know this hair journey will take months to rectify I am positive that I have now found the right path. I would recommend having a consultation with Joycelyn to see whether she can help with your hair complaints.

Although I am leaving the area I know what I need to do to continue on my hair journey and I know Joycelyn is with me whenever I need her.


I experienced hair loss following a miscarage (hormone imbalance). I got very depressed. I had various blood test including hormone levels, thyroid etc was done. A sample of my hair was analysed, it was found that my cholesterol level was high from the bulb of the hair shaft.

I was living in Italy in my early 30’s and although thr doctors was compassionate they gave me a diagnosis of Alopecia that I would eventually lose my hair. Although I was devasted I rejected their prognosis. I was treated and my hair loss was ok. Over the years stress and other factors I started to lose my hair again.

I kept a full head of hair by Regaine (minoxdil) and every vitamin, mineral, and hair growth treatment that was available over the counter (OTC) on and off.

Ten years ago I had to take a prescribed medicine, all with side effects (loss of hair). I was devasted, the English doctors played deaf and laughed at me.

I went to London trichologist the Belgravia Centre, and an in house Laser treatment machine programme in London Middlesex all with poor results and frustrations due to the poor level of hairloss knowledge. Over the years I pleaded with God and never gave up. In June 2015 I met Joycelyn the first question I asked was are you a qualified trichologist? She smiled and gently said yes reassuring me not to worry she can support and restore with confidence.

I started her treatment programme with a Laser cap after 4-5 months I was pleasantly surprised my hair started growing back, I know I will have to follow a maintianance programme throughout my life.

I am not under any false illusion that I will get a head of hair, I am extremely happy with the progress achieved in a short period of time so far. Experiencing hair loss was very sad losing one of my best assets (MY HAIR) it made me self - conscious, not wanting to go out without wearing a hat to hide the hair loss. Today I am confident to go out and walk confidently without a hat also receiving positive comments from professionals and others about my hair. Joycelyn now takes care of my hair colouring again with a glow I am happy to enjoy my hair. I can truly recommend her as she knows her subject and her work ethics are impressive along with the clinic. I always look forward to my visits to enjoy the ambience.

Thank you LK

Just a note to say, how refreshing it was to speak to a specialist who was so hopeful and encouraging about the current state of my hair.

I definitely envision a long working relationship and think our talents compliments each other at this vital time

Patient K D

Joycelyn is a very detailed oriented and precise in her work, which makes her a top-notch professional wherever or whomever she works with is truly blessed.

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